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We provide you with the tools needed in the evolving world of agriculture, using our platform of well provisioned networking opportunities that might just put you one step ahead of marketing nightmares

A platform created with a strong vision for exposure and marketing of products, services and launches of new ventures, including Agri-shows and expos, Agribusiness tours (inbound and outbound) and Agri-tourism (local), conferencing and webinars/symposiums/summits and support to Agri-Colleges, training courses and skills development through network and learn. AgriNetwork-Consult supports Agri-jobs as broker and consultation through various marketing platforms, and the selling of advertising space for online auctions, with an unlimited audience.

AgriNetwork-Consult is all about known Agri-brands and industry trends and news!

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Anneke Roux

Anneke Roux

Number: +2783 589 1168

Marianna du Plessis

Marianna du Plessis

Number : +2763 076 9135

With a combined thirty one years` of experience in the corporate Agri environment, Marianna and Anneke shares their love for agriculture, the people and agricultural growth in South Africa and the African continent.


Together, we will continue to grow and serve agriculture excellence through networking.

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Collaboration for entrepreneur development under small-scale farmers

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Contact AgriNetwork – Consult with Agri positions, buy and for sale of farming equipment etc. We will gladly advertise on our social platforms. An admin fee of R3 500 will be charged for every successful placement


Kontak AgriNetwork-Consult met vakante betrekkings in landbou, koop en verkoop van plaastoerusting ens. Ons plaas dit graag op al ons sosiale platforms. `n Admin fooi van R3 500 word gehef vir elke suksesvolle plasing.



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Good Rabbit
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Product Exposure

Agri Tax Solutions

AgriNetwork-Consult collaborated with Agri Tax Solutions, in support of services to our Producers
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Agri Tax Solutions has a diverse range of service offerings which include the following

Tax Analysis

Payroll Taxes

Vat Reviews (Compliance & Recovery)

Diesel Rebates

Dispute Resolution

Employment Equity

Skills Development

SG Engineering Solutions

AgriNetwork-Consult in collaboration with SG Engineering and Amnandi Eggs for entrepreneurial empowerment develop small-scale development partnership

SG Engineering Solutions is considered my R&D company as I use it for the development of new concepts and we have access to the Curo Pumps range of centrifugal pumps. We are specialists in engineering projects and water pump and system design. We work closely with partners to be able to successfully implement and develop projects. Recently we were a part of Curo Pumps who was the principal contractor for Anglo American, for a Design, supply and installation for a full turnkey solution for a midway booster pump station. The company is only about 5 years old and is looking to help further agriculture as it sees a gap whereby it can help to improve the industry. Some new technology being considered The Containerised Egg Layer Solution which aims to create an environment that is conducive to high quality, high production yields of eggs. The aim is to make the unit as people friendly as possible, well-being robust for long term usage. The concept of using a container would allow us to spread the unit across the world by utilizing the already established network and would work as a durable structure. The only issue found was the heating aspect of the unit, so we developed a water/air cooling system that would effectively remove the heat from the chamber. Also we would add Act Sol which is a non-potent sanitizer that would activate the water which would act like a filter to remove viruses and bacteria. Hence using existing technologies in a new way would result in us bringing to the table an easy to use, profit making business that aims to increase production, reduce mortality of chickens and makes the whole process of producing eggs for a small scale market, far more effective. The prototype has been made and will shortly be placed with the Mahlangu Family in Machadodorp to start the trial of the unit. Next we looked at a low cost energy solution, for farms with water and a land layout which could allow for potential energy. We have also designed a Ram Pump, this pump runs without electricity. Hence zero carbon footprint. This pump works with potential energy. The technology is about 200 years old but it was always used to take water out of a stream and perhaps place the water further away to allow people to drink water. We have enhanced it and aim to use it in our agricultural development side. Our goal is to size up the pumps to allow a full commercial scale farm to run off these pumps, which would mean zero cost in the power usage for the farm. However it must be clearly stressed, this is based on the farms layout and waterways. The farm needs to have potential energy to operate this pump. We aim to cut the costs of power down and use it to run a farm efficiently. We have built a prototype and will be testing the unit shortly. The unit will work but the test will prove the efficiency of the unit. Thus we are working with the industry to find solutions to problems and we focus on the manufacturing and project supply side of business.

Amnandi Eggs (Pty) Ltd

AgriNetwork-Consult in collaboration with SG Engineering and Amnandi Eggs for entrepreneurial empowerment develop small-scale development partnership

The idea around Amnadi Eggs, is to use the company to act as the management and monitoring entity for the investors and end users to work with. Amnandi will be responsible for the monitoring of the performance of the CELS (Containerised Egg Layer Solutions) in the field. Each Container Unit will be fitted with the technology to transmit data, this data will record the drinking water levels, feed levels and temperatures of the unit among other features. Hence Amandi Eggs will act as a servicing entity to assist in the successful implementation of the units in the field. It will offer training and mentorship and will use companies like Mentha Accounting to offer services to the new business owners to register their businesses and become tax compliant. Finally Amnandi will manage the supply chain, hence the feed, medicines and Point of Layer hens. By allowing Amnandi to buy in bulk, we create the situation whereby the cost for food and medicines and Point of Lay hens are reduced and more affordable for the end user. Hence Amnandi Eggs will be there to assist the operations of the units in the field. The idea was to separate the tasks between SG Engineering and Amnandi Eggs. SG Engineering Solutions would act as the manufacturer and OEM of the goods produced and Amnandi Eggs would become the service provider for the implementation and operation of the units in the field. Thus ensuring the right focus is placed at the right places.



Out of country documentation requirements

• Copy of ID document
• Copy of Passport (if available)
• Proof of residence in South Africa
• Copy of drivers` license
• Proof of bank account in South Africa
• Highest qualification obtained
• Abbreviated CV and skills relevant to the advertised position, including current position
• Mention the first available starting date and/or expiry date of current contract/position
• Contact details: Mobile | Email address

Matters of interest

  • Family matters – Dependants (Wife, children / Marriage status)
  • Visited Kenya before?
  • Other country outside SA borders visited before?
  • Working experience outside SA borders (not requirement for position)
  • Reason for application
  • Any questions?